To some, the word “branding” sounds like a vocabulary term taught in your past college business class. Actually, branding is simply creating a design theme that clients (or guests) remember. We use branding for almost every design and event. Whether it’s creating a common design theme within your wedding paper, or refreshing a brand for a small business, branding is a great way to stand out. 

Circle Seven Five Mood Board

Event Branding: Branding your wedding, event or conference isn’t just creating a logo; it’s making an impactful and unforgettable experience for your guests through the art of design. We use the design throughout your event to establish that constant theme your guests will surely remember and enjoy. Contact us! We would love to discuss your upcoming event and how we can assist with branding your special occasion or conference.

Small Business Branding: Branding is a necessity in establishing your company. Your branding design is what your clients and customers remember about you and your product, which in tern, increases growth by making your service or product visible and memorable. We offer our branding services, such as mood boards, branding standards, logo design, and website mini facelift, to small businesses who either need to create a brand from the very beginning or need guidance with a brand refresh. We would love to offer our branding services to your small business. Download our Branding Guide and let’s discuss details!