Quick Guide to Wedding Ceremony Program Wording

Wedding-Program-Wording-SamplesWedding ceremony programs, simple as they may seem, are a very important part of the wedding day. Ceremony programs inform your guests not only of the order or the ceremony, but also other important details, such as the wedding party, honoring loved ones, and thanking you guests for being there. Here is the traditional outline of a wedding program, along with pointers on how you can customize the wording to fit you and your fiance’s own personal style.



5 RSVP Secrets You Need to Know

Wedding-Invitations-RSVP-SecretsIt is always said that planning a wedding is stressful. The truth? 99% of wedding planning is fun and exciting! The stressful 1% includes keeping track of your RSVPs. Unfortunately, as much as we may love them, wedding guests are not always the best when it comes to responding to your invitation. We are sharing our tips and tricks to tracking down those RSVPs so your wedding planning process is 100% stress free!


Etiquette Guide to Addressing Envelopes


When addressing envelopes for a wedding or large event, sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to abide by all these etiquette rules for wedding invitation envelope addressing. It can be exhausting just trying to keep up. Not to mention on top of double checking spelling and address accuracy. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here is a helpful guide, compiled from Emily Post and, on how to address wedding invitation envelopes.


Quick Guide to Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette


Formal-Wedding-Invitation-EtiquetteSometimes wedding invitation wording can have more hidden rules than people realize. We’re here to simplify some confusion on the subject. While there are many of fun contemporary twists to wedding invitations, here are the longstanding traditions of wedding invitation wording, according to Emily Post.


The Anatomy of a Wedding Invitation


Wedding-Invitation-AnatomyAt first glance, there’s a lot that is written on a wedding invitation card. We’re here to break it down and make it easy to understand. Below is a break down of exactly what makes up a wedding invitation.


Wedding Paper Sizing Guide:: 7 Sizes You Should Know


Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the different size options for invitations and paper goods? Well since our goal is to provide you a stress-free experience, we’re here to make it easier for you. Below are common choices for flat card sizes that make up a wedding invitation sure and more. From thank you cards to invitations, here is your sizing guide for all your wedding stationery!


Your Top 8 Wedding Invitation Questions Answered



Wedding invitations are the first glimpse into the theme, setting, and mood of your wedding, so needless to say they’re pretty important. With everything going on with wedding planning, sometimes it’s hard to know when you should mail your invitations, to whom they should be addressed, how many guests get a plus-one… But don’t fret! We’ve got all the important information you need to know before mailing your wedding invitations.


Traditional & Modern :: Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

Wedding-Invitation-Wording-SamplesWording is an important part of the invitation design. Your invitations are not only mailed to inform your guests of the date, time and location, but also sets the tone of the event with the introduction. There are so many options for wedding invitation wording, and whichever way you choose, your guests will be excited to celebrate with you on your big day! Here are some samples of traditional wedding invitation wording and non-traditional invitation wording.


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