Kelly Medanich

From industry professionals to influencers to shop owners, your visual brand is one of the first things people notice about you and your business. Your visual brand is crucial to entrepreneurs and businesses, allowing your service or product to be visible and memorable. Branding tells a story about your business even before potential clients, customers, and affiliates click to inquire. 

As a former marketing director and manager for several small businesses before starting my own, I can’t stress enough the important of your company’s image. We offer our branding services to small businesses and influencers who either need to create a visual brand from the very beginning or need guidance with a brand refresh.

We would love to offer our branding services to you, which include: logo design or refresh  |  mood board  |  brand board  |  marketing materials  |  website facelift



We first get a better understanding of your branding goals and needs. This can be over email or phone. After the consultation, we will email you a personalized strategy with estimate and time line.


After we understand your branding wishes, we ask you to complete a brief branding questionnaire. This questionnaire is intended to reveal any overall vision or ideas you have for your brand . You will also be asked to create a Pinterest board of inspiring images for your brand. This helps us understand not only what inspires you, but also your vision for your company.


Whether it be designing your logo, refreshing your brand, or creating a business card, we will be in constant communication with you about your branding every step of the way.


As soon as we email you your files, you’re ready to use them as you please. You will own full distribution rights and copyrightownership.

Small business Mood Board for Branding
Small business Mood Board for Branding
Small Business Brand Board
Small Business Brand Board



With your new visual brand, we recommend establishing a consistent visual theme throughout your business. So if you're looking for more than just a logo, great! Our full branding services provides you with not only a logo, but a sub mark, a mood board, social media icons, and a brand board. This whole package is used as a point of reference for all branding and marketing materials moving forward in your business. All images created will be released to you with full ownership.

Full branding package includes mood board, logo package, branding guide, social media icons, business card, and email signature. Package start at $2700.


We also offer branding services a la carte. No commitment to packages or other service bundles... Just get what you need.


Contact us today to start the process! We'd love to answer any questions you may have and provide more information.